A.J. is a super genius who sticks by Timmy’s side through all his problems. He’s got the biggest brains of the bunch and can usually outsmart bullies like Vicky. His lackluster social skills leave him a tad on the unpopular side... But who needs popularity when you’re best friend has Fairy Godparents, right?

Likes: Crash Nebula, science, Trixie Tang

Dislikes: Being bald, girl-scouts, bad grades.


What would your magic wish be?
  1. Unlimited Sweets
    Unlimited Sweets
  2. Rocket Skates
    Rocket Skates
  3. To be a Superhero
    To be a Superhero


Meet the Characters
The Fairly OddParents

The Fairly OddParents

With an evil babysitter, a hyperactive dog, and off-the-wall parents, Timmy Turner is just your average boy navigating his way through childhood in his little town of Dimsdale. But while other kids are dealing with their parents, Timmy is busy managing The Fairly Oddparents. Wait… What?!

When Timmy has a problem, all he has to do is turn to Cosmo and Wanda for some magical, mystical and totally outrageous solutions. With Fairy Godparents as wacky as Cosmo and Wanda (and as cute as Baby Poof), Timmy gets more "help" than he bargained for, and some awesome adventures too!