Dr. Cockroach

Dr. Cockroach

Half-man, half-cockroach, and all mad scientist, Dr. Cockroach is definitely the brains of this operation. As a scientific genius and scrappy inventor, he's the go-to tech guy for Team Monster. But don't think for a second this guy is a bore, 'cause his crazy experiments always lead to a wild adventure.


Who's the muscley-est muscle man?
  1. Link
  2. Hector Flanagan
    Hector Flanagan
  3. Leonardo
  4. Jorgen


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Monsters vs. Aliens

Monsters vs. Aliens

The Monsters are heroes who once saved the Earth, but their world gets rocked when they have to share their home base with a bizarre assortment of aliens. It's a comical clash of cultures - it's Monster vs. Aliens!